Abortion Pills in Philippines.

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Abortion Pills in Philippines.

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To all the women here who need help on how to solve their problem about UNWANTED PREGNANCY?
Don't make a doubt! Trust only those knowledgeable person.
REMEMBER: Hindi po pinagkakatiwala ang buhay sa kung sino sino lamang.

Just TEXT or CALL Miss Shine for more information.


1 month and 2 month for DILATION and CURETTAGE PROCEDURE.

Ang D and C Procedure it's a process of scrapping the cervix or the lower part of the uterus to get the sac that'll probably develop as fetus.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7 months for CATHETER PROCEDURE.

Ang Catheter Procedure it's a process of putting straight catheter in the cervix until it open and the fetus comes out.

SURE and SAFE and PAINLESS Abortion Procedure.

Thank You.

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